Quality Indie Fiction

Popular opinion is that self-published books must be rubbish.  I have found ill-researched non-fiction from unqualified writers and flimsy plot-lines masquerading under the covers of a promising strap-line. However, there are many very well-written self-published books in all genres. From time-to-time, I shall list some. Here are four  different genres: GHOST STORIES, HISTORICAL THRILLERS, COSY […]


UNCOMMON RELATIONS I wrote in February about the latest draft. Now it’s May, and I hope the even more recent draft really is the last. The only thing is: the novel has become two novels. The title will probably be: Uncommon Relations – Uncovered. and Uncommon Relations – Recovered. Does that give you any hint […]

Homed – a Crime Short

“This wonderful little tale leaves me, as it should, with loads of questions and a very eerie feeling.” www.amazon.com/dp/B00VAVQ1DS I wrote this story to engage readers in the mystery of a child’s life to capture the mystery and confusion a child in his situation would feel.

Conversations with novel characters

Characters conversing? Isn’t this a great idea, interviews with characters from historical novels? Author Helen Hollick has created such an interesting blog, and this week it is the turn of my character, young Billy, hero of A Relative Invasion trilogy. (You can read about it on My Books tab above). Billy manages his interview with […]


How have I spent the day?? Not as I intended. As a Mac user you don’t expect to have viruses, infections, adware and malware. I have spent most of today, and several hours yesterday acting to remove same. So I write to you in the hope that you won’t suffer from innocent transactions as I have. FOUR POINTSno.1.  There […]

Writing now

DECEMBER 2018 Curious Men Now the men are done and dusted. Their public emergence, 7th December, has gone well.  If you’re wondering whether Harriet did intrude on the men’s book; ssshhh. Yes she did. She had a terrible shock regarding her beloved mattress that jolted her out into the dating world, but you’ll have to […]