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Curious Men

Now the men are done and dusted as far as I can manage. Their public emergence, 7th December, has gone well. You can still get the Kindle at 0.99 until Monday, 10th December. The price will go up to $4.99 once the US goes to bed that day.

If you’re wondering whether Harriet did intrude on the men’s book; ssshhh. Yes she did. She had a terrible shock regarding her beloved mattress that jolted her out into the dating world, but you’ll have to discover whether that was a happy experience or not when you read her encounter with a curious or incurious date.


You don’t need the link to the book again, do you? But just in case:   Let me know if you like one of the stories.

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  1. Me—I’m in! Mind you, I’m a fan of all the betentacled linguistic lifeforms that have emerged from our cambrian explosion online. These days, people write
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    • RM RM

      Thank you, Kevin. Of course, there was a time when I wasn’t bespectacled… I’ve added you to my Readers’ List, okay?

  2. Alf Fry Alf Fry

    Good luck with this website, Rosalind. I’ll put a link to it on YouReadOn Facebook page. You have a growing portfolio now, so good to see you putting it up in one place. The notify me of new posts is a good function.

    • RM RM

      Thanks so much, Alf. I’ve emailed but note your new address so will alter.

  3. Tessa Tessa

    Exhausting array of Curious Men who will hang around in their own separate auras for weeks to come in my head.

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