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Quality Indie Fiction

Ghost story; Historical thriller; Epic fantasy; Cosy mystery

Popular opinion is that self-published books must be rubbish.  I have found ill-researched non-fiction from unqualified writers and flimsy plot-lines masquerading under the covers of a promising strap-line.

However, there are many very well-written self-published books in all genres. From time-to-time, I shall list some. Here are four  different genres: GHOST STORIES, HISTORICAL THRILLERS, COSY MYSTERIES and EPIC FANTASIES. Perhaps these suggestions come in time for your Christmas shopping. They are excellent examples of their genre. You won’t be disappointed.


Jennet: book cover

Karen Perkins: writes novels that have a supernatural presence. A Parliament of Rooks, for instance, imagines a story where Emily Brontë, not the easiest of females, has the germ of a romance and ends haunting the cottage of a recently separated artist. This is only one of the gripping novels, of which I’ve enjoyed three. Why not buy the box set? or try Jennet, the latest novel to be published. Now she wants the children. As if she wasn’t scary enough before!


The Fortunate Dead

Set in 15th century Moorish Spain, this series by David Penny presents an exciting and highly niche reading experience. The main character and the six-foot eunuch cement the plot-line of each novel. Thomas Berrington, a surgeon, has his faults and weaknesses, but is an essentially moral force in a sequence of dangerous, sometimes ferocious Moorish intrigue and constant struggle against the Spanish.The latest novel, The Fortunate Dead, perhaps his most telling, is just out. This is Book 6, but you don’t have to read from Book 1 upwards to enjoy it. ..only to enjoy it even more. Prepare to be thrilled and devastated.


This series will enchant you with a delightful character, Sophie, who manages to keep positive attitudes amongst the villagers while involving herself in murderous affairs. It’s a strange feature of cosy mysteries that they have a feel-good factor while some (perhaps not well-liked or -known) character has been bumped off in an early chapter. Debbie Young has this magical touch in hearts as well as spades. Sophie appears in 5 novels so far, in the latest, Springtime for Murder, she isn’t fazed by the fresh body in an open grave!  


The Shard

Your eyes will feast on the piece of art that comprises Ted Cross’s latest book cover, The Shard Chronicles. These novels share the classic theme of an intrepid protagonist facing fearful, evil and magical dangers. Skilful elven daggers, giant trolls, a lurking dragon provide threats that maybe wizardry can tackle. Our noble hero, Midas, suffers all to protect the Known Lands as well as his beloved children. These books are real escapes into the other-world landscapes that become pictures in the mind.  Terrifying threats like nightmares only end when the book is closed. 

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