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How have I spent the day?? Not as I intended. As a Mac user you don’t expect to have viruses, infections, adware and malware. I have spent most of today, and several hours yesterday acting to remove same. So I write to you in the hope that you won’t suffer from innocent transactions as I have.

no.1.  There are a lot of apps that depend upon Adobe in one form or another, particularly Flash. It’s a highly trusted name, Adobe. So when you appear to receive its notification that it needs updating, you click accordingly. That was how I gained several infections. 

no.2  Anysearch and creeps in silently hidden in other apps. I don’t know how i got it, but after a very lengthy investigation I successfully got rid of it yesterday. Today’s it’s back via a different source and I have to purge it all over again. At first you don’t notice it’s there. YOu just find you are looking at search lists for longer before you find the name you’d put into the search bar. Your computer also seems to be running slowly and there’s a delay between starting and continuing what you’re doing. To remove it, you won’t find it in Finder. It’s hidden in other files. On one browser I found it in Extensions. On another, I had to grind down many levels to find it on Options. Persist– it’s worth getting rid of.

no 3.  If you can’t trust Mac for goodness sake, what is life coming to? My third infection came from Mac Updater, which I thought Mac had sent me when I updating my ios to Mojave. No. Mac Updater is a crawler. It doesn’t come from Mac.

no.4   I had already realised this cleaner was not a help but a hindrance. MacBooster, MacShiny and MacCleaner and all those with similar names: – AVOID. 

In the end, I was able to download FREE Bitdefender Virus Scanner. (No, I am not affiliated). This was recommended by the Mac store itself. It has done the job. Not quick, but a relief. Btw: once you’ve got the baddies in Trash, it’s important to empty Trash, just to be sure they’re well and truly gone. Heartfelt thanks Bitfender and your developer, unnamed. For £20 you can get 3 devices protected for a year. I may do just that.

I hope I’m not wasting my time writing this to you, but just to show I care. I’ll probably have loads of people telling me all of this is hopelessly wrong.

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