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Conversations with novel characters

Characters conversing? Isn’t this a great idea, interviews with characters from historical novels? Author Helen Hollick has created such an interesting blog, and this week it is the turn of my character, young Billy, hero of A Relative Invasion trilogy. (You can read about it on My Books tab above). Billy manages his interview with some honesty and aplomb, helped along by chocolate biscuits and orange.

A novel conversation

Do use this link to pop over and read this blog. Helen has also written a book using these conversations. What a creative idea! Billy has more to say below:

I wasn’t that terrified when the bombs started falling, not like Kenneth who shivered in the corner of the cellar. Mother told me to look after him although I’m younger. I wasn’t that worried, only a bit, when I was evacuated with my school. Kenneth was, and he stayed behind. Auntie said she couldn’t manage without him. But I was really, really scared when I was the very last child to be chosen when we walked around the village with the teacher hoping that some kind lady would give us a billet. In the end, I was lucky, although I didn’t think so at first…

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