Discount offer on KOBO only November – A RELATIVE INVASION

Trilogy: A Relative Invasion, Intrusion, Infiltration, Impact – 3 books in one volume.

A Relative Invasion – The Trilogy. Rosalind Minett

KOBO review:

“A clever play on words”

“I hated Kenneth with a vengeance but always he’d improve as he aged. I did get the impression that he had partly forgiven Bill after accepting his portraits. Do hope author follows up on their lives as adults.”

by Irene on October 22, 2019. And yes, I will be…


Those readers who like a long read, rather like those who prefer a box set on TV, now have the three books: Intrusion, Infiltration and Impact in the one volume. 

I didn’t set out to write a trilogy, it just took that long for me to get Billy, the main character, to reach the culmination of his personal drama.

His life is eventful: not just because the tense relationship he has with manipulative cousin Kenneth, but having to be evacuated to the country and adapt to vastly more modest circumstances. Yet he’s provided with more nurturant input than his own parents give. Evacuated for the second time he’s more comfortably placed. This time for nearly five years: it’s a huge chunk of his childhood. Kenneth comes too, billeted not far away and in a situation that allows him to further invade Billy’s personal space. Both boys have dramas to overcome and individual talents to develop as well as their rivalry. The two boys come-of-age in post-war London, where they’re forced to share the same house, the same bedroom. This predictably leads to the climax of their relationship. Everyone close to them is affected by the fall-out while the boys themselves undergo the most telling adaptations.

Reaching adulthood, can Billy resolve the situation for himself or will Kenneth always be a threat?