Protected: Uncommon Relations – Part 4

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Isn’t the main work enough without writing a prequel? For most novels, yes, the story satisfies its purpose so why write a prequel? Why? Because for other novels, a seemingly minor …

Natural and Supernatural in fiction – a buzz at 0.99

The compelling aspect when reading supernatural plots is that odd things happen within a context of ordinary, natural life. If the whole world is ghostly, there is nothing scary or unsettling …

A psychological mystery, a domestic drama and…


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“…The portrayal of the characters and their development is outstanding, and I was completely invested in Terry and his families. The book uncovers some disturbing family situations and even more disturbing individual decisions and these are both honestly and sensitively handled, making them both understandable and plausible.”


In which 28-year-old Terry has an amazing encounter. It will change his prosaic life forever. Why can’t he tell gauche wife, Gudrun, about the search he’s embarking upon? This psychological domestic drama will compel you towards examining your conscience. Bizarre situations touched with dark humour. Will Terry ever mature and discover what he really needs to know? Many characters – some worthy, some nefarious – colour his journey. Then there’s Part Two and its excruciating moral dilemmas.

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Dark secrets, hidden identities, irreverent humour

Rosalind is the author of the WW2 trilogy, A Relative Invasion, and the satirical short story collections, Me-Time Tales and its companion volume Curious Men. She lives in SW England where she enjoys theatre, Art and scenic walks. Her career as a psychologist means all her writing is character-led. She relishes creating characters of all ages. Even her humorous work has a dark edge.
Rosalind Minett