3 IS BETTER THAN 1: THE TRILOGY. Great, especially when on discount!



In this coming-of-age trilogy, A Relative Invasion, two young cousins meet in 1937. Their developing relationship mirrors the emotions that brought Hitler’s rise to power – envy of strength, desire for new territory.

Readers who like a long read now have the three books of the trilogy: Intrusion, Infiltration and Impact in the one volume.
With war rumbling on the horizon, two boy cousins meet and their fateful rivalry is born. Lonely little Billy Wilson is initially excited to learn his cousin is to move nearby, but devious Kenneth proves to be a nightmare. Smaller and frail, but older, this psychological bully envies Billy’s superior strength and home comforts and sets out to threaten both.

After war, evacuation, hardships and loss, the cousins share an even closer psychological space. With adolescence, competing talents in the setting of post-war austerity, tensions rise to breaking point.

The fall-out is dramatic and makes for a thought-provoking read. There’s an unpredictable if logical conclusion. But how long the arm of retribution?

After I’d had these three books out a while, I decided to make a version with all three books in the one volume, plus an introduction.

The INTRODUCTION explains how the trilogy came about including the only contact I had with a person who had lived through the war and experienced evacuation.

In paperback and ebook.

The paperback is good to have on your bookshelf. These books have been praised for their historical accuracy by Historical Novel Society, where you can read their reviews.

Rosalind Minett