A Relative Invasion

A RELATIVE INVASION: Intrusion, Infiltration, Impact

In its first draft, this book gained the Editors’ Desk on the Harper Collins writers site, Authonomy, in the face of competition with several thousand other novels winning a full critique from a Harper Collins editor. See reviews tab . It was also runner-up in the Yeovil Novel Prize and gained a B.R.A.G medallion from the USA.

World War Two, two boys, a fateful rivalry.

Billy is an endearing five-year-old when he first meets his cousin, Kenneth, whose porcelain looks and prodigious talent mask his devious nature. He proceeds to invade and subtly sabotage Billy’s life.

This boyhood rivalry begins as war threatens, develops during the wartime years and climaxes at a time of post-war austerity and adolescence. The dramatic fall-out affects all around them in lasting ways.

When the trilogy ends, Bill and Kenneth are young adults making their separate careers, but the relationship between them is still a huge issue. Readers have asked if I can write what comes next.

A further novel in preparation will follow Bill and Kenneth through their twenties. Each is about to start a unique adventure, each with his own difficulties. Will they ever manage to keep their lives free from the influence of the other?

A Relative Invasion: All 3 books in this volume

The three books – Intrusion, Infiltration, Impact, can be bought separately as ebook or paperback, or as the trilogy in one volume.


Rosalind Minett