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Hello from Rosalind Minett!

Welcome to my website. You must have come because you love reading. It’s character-led fiction I most enjoy; it’s character-led fiction I write whatever the genre.  I love creating imaginary characters of all ages, the more complex the better. It’s exciting, hearing and writing down my characters’ voices, whether they are cocky, curious, quirky, sinister, and whether they are in their prime, old or even small children. I used to assess adults and children in my working life as a psychologist. It was my job to understand how people think, learn, feel and behave. Now I understand my imaginary characters and this is what drives my plots.  

Do have a look at my novels and short stories. They’re described under the Books tab above and I’ve included a little about how some of the stories came to be written.

If you’d like to sample my writing click the menu tab above. Receive a free story when you join my Readers List.

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