…Or do they? The companion collection to Me-Time Tales is devoted to men curious by nature or life-style, but it’s invaded by certain women…

Something different! Short stories that surprise, pique and intrigue.

Curious Men. These short stories delve into the minds of a variety of curious men: hooked on meteorites, tractor parts, foreign parts, own parts— “stories that may be sober, bizarre or cunningly funny…Highly recommended.” San Francisco Review of Books. Kobo? Other Ebook?

Many people have curious habits, weaknesses, features, beliefs—even feelings. One or two stories are bleak, some bizarre, one even uplifting, and you’re sure to chuckle (if guiltily) at others.

Published by

Rosalind Minett

Author of historical trilogy, A Relative Invasion. Rosalind has an extensive background as a psychologist.

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