A Relative Invasion – The Trilogy

A Relative Invasion – The Trilogy

How long the arm of retribution?

Who can predict how long retribution will hang over Billy's life when he first meets his cousin, aged five? An innocent, well-meaning boy who so wanted another to play with grows up with the menace of manipulative Kenneth as well as with Hitler's war. His good nature and resilience versus frail Kenneth's talents and deviousness battle in the context of wartime London, evacuation and post-war austerity.


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rosalind minett writer

Those readers who like a long read now have the three books: Intrusion, Infiltration and Impact in the one volume.

1937-1951 London. In this coming-of-age trilogy, two cousins develop a fateful rivalry as war threatens. Sturdy, well-meaning Billy suffers his own war when the devious Kenneth enters his life. Smaller but older, Kenneth envies Billy’s superior strength and home comforts. The desire for power and territory threatening peace in Europe is mirrored in micro in the Wilson home. The parents turn a blind eye as Kenneth manipulates and bests Billy at every turn. Billy’s secret symbol of power, a Cossack sabre, insidiously permeates the family’s fortunes as adolescence, war and post-war austerity determines how far their rivalry will stretch.

ISBN: 9780992716783
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"...a beautiful, haunting trio of books... It's a stunning story, beautifully written. Billy will be on my mind for a long time to come. Highly recommended!"
"...this gripping story with themes of psychological bullying, sibling rivalry, wartime parenting practices and the adult outcomes of early childhood experiences... Very strong writing this, books pleading to become a film. Rosalind Minett is becoming an upper echelon writer. Highly Recommended.
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