Curious Men

Curious Men

And now the men have their say. Short stories that surprise, pique and beguile.

Men with curious habits, weaknesses, features, beliefs—even feelings. These stories delve into curious men’s secrets: bleak, bizarre, brazen or blissful.

CURIOUS MEN - you've smiled or winced at one or more of the women in Me-Time Tales. Now discover the inner areas of their, or someone's man.;jsessionid=BBCE4A97AF8782DABC6805A68E5291F8.prodny_store01-atgap06?ean=2940156522125

Curious Men ISBN 978-0-9927167-3-8

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About the Book

CURIOUS MEN.  He-time tales. Short stories that surprise, pique and beguile.

Something different! A collection of unusual short stories that delve into the minds of a variety of curious men: hooked on meteorites, tractor parts, foreign parts, own parts— stories that may be sober, bizarre or cunningly funny.

“Minett’s accurate eye is like a searchlight, seeking out the darker shadings.” – Eileen Casey, (Cecil Day Lewis Prize, The Maria Edgeworth Award, Hennessy Literary Award)

This companion volume to Me-Time Tales allows the curious men to have their say.  Each story is devoted to a different man, curious in life or about life.

Many people have curious habits, weaknesses, features, beliefs—even feelings. These stories delve into curious men’s secrets. One or two are bleak, some bizarre, one blissful.

But I confess. Certain women from Me-Time Tales have nosed into the men’s doings. Some just had to interrupt and comment.

In ebook and paperback.

Series: Satirical Short Stories, Book 2
Genre: Short story collections
Publisher: Uptake publications
Publication Year: 2019
Length: 200 pages
ASIN: B01N6VQ503
ISBN: 9780992716738
List Price: 7.99
eBook Price: 3.99
"She is successfully able to wear the twin masks of comedy/tragedy and still maintain a rather phenomenal sense of finding the humor in the worst of situations and the compensatory dark side of the best of incidents. She is a hell of a fine writer!...Highly recommended.”
“ abundance of wit and a quiet lyricism ..."
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