Is this a crime waiting to happen, or has one already been committed?

The best intentions can seem murderous when you're wild.

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What was the choirboy’s sinister find? 10 year-old Jake can’t tell police anything about it, although the Children’s Home say he’s the cleverest boy there. What does he really know?

Is his destructive past a threat to Jake’s future, or anyone else’s?

A whydunit rather than whodunit with an unreliable narrator.

C.R.Putsche, Austria. “This is an outstanding short story that I managed to devour in just one sitting. Rarely does an author so courageously expose truths, realities and day-to-day struggles of a boy who finds it difficult to fit in to society.”

Series: EBooks, Book 2
List Price: 0.99
This wonderful little tale leaves me, as it should, with loads of questions and a very eerie feeling.
– George Polley, Japan
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