Third book in the trilogy A Relative Invasion

Post-war, adolescence, austerity – the fall-out 

with VE Day celebrations fading into memory. Bill's evacuation is over. He returns home where Kenneth is about to move in too.  Their long-standing rivalry intensifies with adolescence and Kenneth's increased intrusion into Bill's psychological territory. An emotional explosion is inevitable. The fall-out for everyone is traumatic and life-changing. Reaching adulthood, can Billy resolve the situation for himself or will Kenneth always be a threat?


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Book Three was awarded a Discovering Diamonds.

1945. The VE party is over and so is evacuation. Bill must tear himself away from his firm attachments in the village and face a new life in post-war Wandsworth. Uncle Ted had returned from service, but in what state? And how have Bill’s grandparents fared through the blitz and just recently, the dreaded VIs and VII rockets?

So much is in ruins, not least the life Bill had known as a child. One area remains wonderfully stable: supportive Mr Durban and the exciting icon of his Cossack sabre.

Kenneth, however, is even more present. Now adolescent, the cousins are developing their separate skills and identities but the home context is claustrophobic. Their rivalry increases in intensity, culminating in a fearful crisis. All the family’s lives change forever. It’s a terrible fall-out. Is it Bill who must take responsibility and find a fair way forward?

Series: A Relative Invasion, Book 3
Genre: Historical Fiction
ASIN: B01N6VQ503
ISBN: 9780992716721
..." A brilliant trilogy!?
very evocative period piece from the start of the war to the final recovery in the 1950s, its messages are relevant and powerful for the modern world too. A tour de force.
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