…Or do they? The companion collection to Me-Time Tales is devoted to men curious by nature or life-style, but it’s invaded by certain women… Something different! Short stories that surprise, pique and intrigue. Curious Men. These short stories delve into the minds of a variety of curious men: hooked on[…]

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Writing: in his shoes

Could you put yourself in his shoes? I wrote about this short story in a previous post Unlikeable character – makes you read on. I’ve just updated the e-book and reminded myself (slight shock) that I’d written horror rather than just crime. Which writer was it who said we only[…]

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Writing at the speed of light

  SPEED OF LIGHT was the theme for September’s Story Friday evening, held at the cave-like theatre at Burdell’s Yard – in conjunction with A Word in Your Ear Story Fridays are held every second month in Bath, UK. Six or seven writer-performers read freshly-minted stories inspired by a theme, this time[…]

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