Short story collections

These two volumes of collected short stories explore the obsessions of women – in Me-Time Tales – and of men – in Curious Men.

Me-Time Tales

Me-Time Tales

Intriguing reveal of female obsessions. Women of all ages and stages are exposed in this collection of satirical short stories. Whose obsession will you sample first?

“Intriguing and quirky” - Katie Fforde

Second, expanded edition. Women of all ages are exposed in this collection of witty short stories with a dark edge: Marian facing middle age with attitude and support knickers; sixteen-year-old Jess's date with good legs; Peggy fighting for her first bra; post-war Elfreda freeing herself at her First Feast. Discover Elaine’s encounter with a moral dilemma, a neurotic narrator’s self-enhancing theft, Pru’s ingestion, Daryl’s piscatorial impregnation and an unnamed beauty’s transmogrification. There's a loving mattress, a mangy dog and a prosthesis, plus a lady who cannot admit to her name, let alone her age.


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Curious Men

Curious Men

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Men with curious habits, weaknesses, features, beliefs—even feelings. These stories delve into curious men’s secrets: bleak, bizarre, brazen or blissful.

CURIOUS MEN - you've smiled or winced at one or more of the women in Me-Time Tales. Now discover the inner areas of their, or someone's man.;jsessionid=BBCE4A97AF8782DABC6805A68E5291F8.prodny_store01-atgap06?ean=2940156522125

Curious Men ISBN 978-0-9927167-3-8

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