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Work in Progress

Two contemporary novels featuring muted dramas and family tensions. 

The first, working title: Speechless 

Speechless by Rosalind Minett

When the young daughter of a comfortably placed family stops speaking, everything is up for examination within the family. Nothing is taken for granted any more. What does it take for such a fortunate family to be torn apart — and can the relationships recover?

The first draft of this novel was ranking no.13 (out of c. 5,000) when Harper Collins discontinued their writers’ site, Authonomy.

The second: COMPLETED… almost!

Working title: A Family to Consider

Male twins unexpectedly meet each other in their twenties having been separated and adopted in infancy. Thrilled, Barry rushes to tell his shadowy wife, Gudrun, but unspoken difficulties prevent him.  He wants to search out the birth family; upwardly mobile Gerry prefers to leave further stones unturned. Barry persists.

The Pandora’s Box, once opened, plunges him into increasingly bizarre situations. Is prosaic Barry actually more quirky than imagined, or merely a parody of his successful twin? Can he work through the chaos he’s engendered and emerge with some kind of honour? And what has Gudrun been up to?

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