Work in Progress

Busy writing the last third of the fourth novel in this series:


Who should be forgiven?

         What should be forgotten?

                 When should they be told?

                        Why should they know?.

The cover is going to be some shade of blue. 1. was Cowardice, 2. was Jealousy, 3- Embarrassment, 4-Blue

  1. When young married Terry unexpectedly spots a look-alike, his life changes forever. Thrilled, he rushes home to tell his awkward wife, Gudrun, but unspoken difficulties between them get in the way, as does her lumpy sculpture. What is Gudrun hiding, and why? They both have shameful secrets.  It takes friend Leon, a moon-lighting illusionist, to thrust mutual revelations upon them. In the fall-out, Terry’s search for identity proves to be a Pandora’s Box. Once opened, it’s difficult to retreat and he is plunged into increasingly bizarre situations. Can he struggle through the chaos he’s caused or has he caused much of it? And is Gudrun victim or perpetrator?
  2. Terry’s facing some terrible dilemmas, some of his own making. They affect other people around him, too. First, he has to escape some awkward situations and ease off unwanted relatives. But what is Gudrun’s position in all this, and how far will she take things?
  3. Other characters continue the tale alongside Terry, giving their perspective of his strengths and weaknesses: his twin, his aunt, his sister and Honor, a new person in his life who may be an asset or a problem. There’s also someone he’s long overdue in meeting. Meantime he’s got some difficult stuff to admit to. Will he show his mettle and fess up?
  4. Terry’s risen up a notch, in work and in personal development. There are people who are thrilled to know him and others envious of him. He has to manage what he wants and what others want of him. There’s always the threat of some awkward discoveries hanging over him. How safe is he?
Rosalind Minett