Satirical short story collection


curious men

Curious Men: He-time Tales is the companion volume to Me-Time Tales: tea breaks for mature women and curious men.  A collection of unusual short stories that that surprise, pique and intrigue. Some are sober, many bizarre or cunningly funny. Delve into the minds of curious men: hooked on meteorites, tractor parts, foreign parts, own parts. A “…treasure trove. Highly recommended…” San Francisco Review of Books.
“Intriguing and quirky” – said Katie Fforde about Me-Time Tales.  The curious men now have their say…or at least they try to, between invasive female comments…because  some of the obsessive women from Me-Time Tales just couldn’t prevent themselves from commenting about the men’s tales. Men know how that feels! Eileen Casey (Multi-award winning Irish author) says, “Minett’s fictional world mirrors reality but in a daring manner, mainly because she casts light on the quirks and foibles of what it is to be human, revealing hidden fantasies and desires.  From the man whose passion is for probing the intimate parts of machines which suck and cut, to the secretive Sunday bonfire king right through to a character’s determination to discover the meaning of life before chairs. Minett’s accurate eye is like a searchlight, seeking out the darker shadings.” –

Now released on all ebook platforms, Curious Men is $5.00/£3.99.  Available in print at £8.99  ISBN 978-0-9927167-3-8